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Hosting Migration To The MrEstablish

When it comes to hosting changes, the most perplexing is where to start. Mr Establish creates a seamless feeling throughout the migration process, and our team of migrant professionals is always ready to provide you with the help you need. We remove the pressure from the hold-on process and it will help you from start to finish free!

We assist with the following migration types:

Full cPanel Transfer

CPanel is an online hosting control panel with a suite of tools and an easy-to-use graphic display. It is designed to simplify Website data, content, emails, and server management. When you buy a shared or reseller hosting account with us, you get cPanel for free.

Transfer To A Shared Hosting

We will make the transfer of your cPanel hosting account the same as in the account shared with us. Your current account should not exceed the restrictions imposed by your new Mr Establish program. Our migration team will need to look at the number of hosted forums, email accounts, and MySQL database data We will analyze resource usage, compatibility with our services, and PHP / CMS types. Your current hosting provider should also have the technical opportunity to produce a complete cPanel backup. This will ensure that your account migrates the way it was designed. Just send a ticket to ‘Hosting – Transfer Help’ with the necessary information and we’ll check if all requirements are met. This is the normal procedure for the Transfer Holding team to check the previous account to ensure that it can be transferred and handle the migration process. We will specify additional details when needed, generate a backup, upload it to our servers and restore it to your new account with Mr Establish. Please note that the current information will be rewritten with a backup from the previous maintainer. Basically, you will have the same account for all data and solid settings but on a fast and reliable Mr Establish server.

Transfer To A Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting plan can be migrated completely to Mr Establish servers as well. The Department of Referral Services will deploy all accounts, scan viruses, provide site testing sites, and teach you when to convert names to sellers or their own. When submitting a transfer request, don’t forget to specify which accounts should be returned as the main Reseller one. Also, we’ll need to know if you have dedicated IPs or SSL certificates assigned to your other accounts.

Guidelines on how to simplify the transfer process can be found here.

Transfer To A VPS / Dedicated Server

We can seamlessly transfer your  VPS / Dedicated Server. If you order a fully-managed or managed VPS or Dedicated Server to basic or complete management, we will do the migration for you. We will gladly assist you with the migration of your WHM to our servers. For our technical team to update your cPanel accounts, you need to have cPanel configured with your  VPS / Dedicated Server.

Assistant With manual Transfer

Manual transfers are the biggest challenge for web hosting clients as they may require some technical skills. Due to the complexity of such transfers, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete migration on your behalf, as the configuration between servers maybe not same. Our Referral Assistance team will review each case individually and assist you with the guidelines and advice needed during the immigration process. If you would like our team to review your request, please send a ticket to ‘Hosting – Transfer Help‘ and we will explore what can be done.


While we help with full cPanel migration on a regular basis, sometimes your hosting provider does not offer you the option of generating a complete cPanel backup due to technical limitations or their internal policy. While you still have access to the old cPanel, you can move content slowly. That is, cPanel settings will not be migrated, and email accounts and details will need to be replicated, but all site content can be moved to the new cPanel manually. Feel free to look at the description shown in the following article: How to restore cPanel backup to addon domains.


GoDaddy has a custom control panel similar to cPanel. Transferring a complete account to cPanel is not possible, however you are welcome to receive all the required information and transfer it to your host with us with the help of the following guide: Non-cPanel account transfer from GoDaddy to Mr Establish.

Transfer without cPanel

When you have data for your site elsewhere, you should be familiar with cPanel interactions from scratch. As soon as you have backups for site files, information, and emails you can start uploading them to paths that are compatible with your new cPanel. Our Transfer Holding team will gladly provide you with all the necessary instructions and assist with the most difficult preparation if possible. An article on exactly what to do can be found here.

Email Transfer

Based on some of the tools you use to manage your emails, there’s also the option to manually transfer mailboxes to Mr Establish. Generally, there are two ways to process such a move: via a client email (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird) or using a recovery option built into cPanel webmail (e.g., Horde or RoundCube). Usually, we do not help with email transmission. However, you are welcome to consider it with the help of the following topics:

Transfer Via An Email Client

Post-Transfer Actions

Checking site from the new server
When transferring a website to a new server, you may need to make sure the site is running from the new server in the way it was designed to operate before changing the name servers. This will help you to fix unexpected issues and change the site to come out much better. To accomplish this, you are welcome to use one of the options described below:

Convert the file conversion to your local PC;
Create a domain;
Use an online tool such as https://hosts.cx/ where you can show your cPanel’s IP address in the “Server address” field and the domain name in “Website Name”. You will be given a link to test the site before changing the name servers.
All the necessary information can be found in the next article.

If you need help with site previews from our servers, please attend our live chat or submit a ticket to ‘Hosting – Support’.

To avoid relaxation during the spread
When domain name servers are updated, DNS broadcasts can take up to 24-48 hours. This is a global process that relies on a global DNS server cache. However, this period can easily be made invisible to your customers by following a simple guide.

From start to finish your account transfer process with the current provider should work, and your website will take effect. Once the contents of your hosting account are completely copied to our servers, it’s time to change the name servers to the host. As your account and previous host are still active, some queries will continue to the old server, and some will go to new name servers. In about 24 hours the DNS broadcast will be completed, and all your guests will be directed to your hosting account at Mr Establish. At present, the transfer process can be considered to be fully completed. Therefore, the best time to cancel your account with the old provider is approximately 72 hours after the name change


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